Volunteer Services

Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC) is proud to offer our patients and their families the services of caring, compassionate and talented volunteers. These volunteers give their most valuable resource, their time and energy. The reasons people volunteer at YRMC are as varied as the volunteers themselves and as diverse as the talents they bring to YRMC. Together, our dedicated volunteers:

  • strengthen YRMC’s connection to western Yavapai County;
  • enrich the experiences of YRMC patients and their families;
  • support YRMC’s Total Healing Environment; and
  • advance YRMC’s non-profit, community-based healthcare mission.

Our volunteers are essential members of the YRMC team who:

  • Share their unique talents by participating in one of our complementary therapies— music or pet therapy.
  • Serve in patient care areas, including Emergency Services, and behind-the-scenes in office settings (like our Business Office).
  • Guide and support patients and their families at information desks throughout YRMC.

YRMC’s Volunteer Services programs and opportunities include:

    Our Music Therapy volunteers strike a calming and relaxing note for hospitalized patients by playing live acoustic music at YRMC East and YRMC West. This soothing music can have a healthful effect on respiration, temperature and pain. Our Music Therapy volunteers play in patient rooms at YRMC East and YRMC West as well as in the waiting areas, lobbies and Cafeterias at both hospital campuses.


    Most people intuitively understand that petting a dog can be therapeutic. Research now shows that pets can lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and enhance healing. YRMC’s Pets Are Warm Support (PAWS) program puts this information into action. PAWS volunteers and their trained dogs are available to visit patients in their hospital rooms. YRMC is affiliated with Pet Partners, which evaluates and tests all animals to ensure that their health, skills and aptitude meet rigorous standards. To arrange a PAWS visit, check with your caregiver first and then call Volunteer Services.


    In a spirit of loving concern, spiritual aid and comfort are offered to all YRMC patients, their families, and to hospital personnel according to their beliefs and desire without violating the individual’s religious tradition. Our chaplains are trained, experienced counselors as well as clergy. They complement the YRMC healing team that meets the total-care needs of patients and their families. To request a chaplain visit contact your caregiver.


    YRMC’s volunteers assist caregivers at:
    • YRMC East
    • YRMC West
    • YRMC Del E. Webb Outpatient Center
    • YRMC PhysicianCare Offices
    • YRMC Outreach Programs
    Volunteers serve patients in patient care areas, ranging from the Intensive Care Unit to the Emergency Department to other departments.


    If you’re looking for an unfamiliar area at YRMC East or YRMC West, it’s likely one of our volunteers will guide you to your destination. They operate a courtesy shuttle at YRMC East and YRMC West to take visitors to and from the hospital entrance. Our volunteers will also escort you throughout both facilities.


    Many volunteers work “behind the scenes” in areas that support YRMC’s patient-focused mission. 


    Our volunteers organize the File of Life program at the hospital and in the community. File of Life is available to all YRMC patients as well as people in our community. Available free of charge, the File of Life is a red magnetic folder that can be attached to the refrigerator of your home. The folder is designed to organize important information including, emergency contacts, medical conditions, medications, medical insurance and advance directive forms. The folder includes a window sticker that alerts paramedics that a File of Life is in the home. For information about the File of Life, including community presentations, contact Volunteer Services.


To learn more about joining YRMC Volunteer team, visit Volunteer at YRMC.