Visiting a Hospital Patient

Family and friends are welcome to visit patients during their stay. However, please remember that rest is an important part of the healing process, so we ask that all visitors cooperate in the comfort and well-being of patients at YRMC. Visitors who are ill are encouraged not to visit patients. Visitation may also be restricted any time there is an unusual occurrence of infectious illness.
    Open family and guest visiting is allowed and encouraged. Each department will develop guidelines for visitors that encourage family and guest participation while maintaining the health and healing of the patient as a priority.

    Visitors to a patient in isolation are expected to follow all necessary precautions as directed by the isolation policy and posted signage.


    One parent or caregiver of a sick child may stay with the child overnight. A reclining chair or cot may be provided for the parent’s comfort. No other visitors may stay in a patient’s room overnight unless necessitated by the patient’s condition or needs and approved by the Unit Nursing Director or designee.


    All visitors are encouraged to confirm a patient’s status at either the Main Entrance Information Desk, the Emergency Department Admitting Desk, or at the Nurses’ Station, prior to visiting a patient.


    It is important to safeguard patients and children from exposure to any communicable diseases and infections. If children are ill, please do not bring them in to visit. During certain times of the year, special restrictions on children’s visitation are necessary. These will be posted. Children MUST be attended by an adult at all times in all areas of the hospital.


    Brothers and sisters are welcome to visit. Other children must be 12 years of age or older to visit. During certain times of the year, special restrictions on children’s visitation are necessary. These will be posted.


    We ask that only two visitors at a time visit patients in our inpatient units. We ask that only one visitor at a time visit patients in the Emergency Department. Patients scheduled for inpatient or outpatient procedures in the surgical services area may have up to two visitors while waiting to go into surgery. Patients having outpatient surgical procedures may have up to two visitors in the surgical services area after their surgery. To respect the privacy of all patients, visitors will not be allowed in the Endoscopy holding area.


    Visitors must wear appropriate clothing including a shirt and shoes. Visitors who are ill may be asked to refrain from visiting patients or may be required to wear isolation protective clothing or equipment.


    Strong fragrances are known to cause allergic reactions, migraine headaches, and even asthma attacks in some people. Hospital patients can be especially sensitive. Please be considerate when visiting a patient at YRMC. Wearing a powerful fragrance is not good medicine.


    Flowers, plants and non-latex (Mylar) balloons are permitted in patient rooms in limited quantities. No flowers, plants or balloons are allowed in the nursery. Family members may be asked to take overly fragrant flowers home as these may trigger allergic reactions in some patients.

    Our gift shops have a lovely selection of appropriate flowers and balloons. Please contact our gift shop to place an order for delivery to a patient.


    No food or beverages can be given to a patient without approval from the patient’s nurse. Visitors are invited to eat in our cafeterias which are located on the ground floor at YRMC West and YRMC East


    First floor visitor waiting areas are located in the main lobby of the hospital and in the Emergency, Imaging, Laboratory, Endoscopy and Cardiopulmonary Laboratory reception areas for these services. On the second floor, visitor waiting areas are located in the Progressive Care Unit and Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit in the James Family Heart Center as well as the Surgical Services and Intensive Care units. Visitor waiting areas are also located in individual clinical and nursing units on the third and fourth floors.


    Visitor waiting areas are located in the main lobby of the hospital, the Family Birthing Center, the BreastCare Center and in individual clinical and nursing units on the second and third floors. Surgery, Emergency, Imaging, Laboratory and Cardiopulmonary Laboratory waiting areas are located on the ground floor in the reception areas for these services. Family rooms are located on the second and third floor and include a kitchenette, shower and TV for your family members to use.


    Guest parking is available on the south side in front of the main entrance to the hospital. Complementary shuttle service is available from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.


    All patient rooms have telephones (except the ICU/CCU at YRMC West and the MCU at YRMC East). Friends and family can phone patients directly by calling a seven-digit number for each room or by calling the hospital switchboard at (928) 445-2700 and asking to be transferred to the patient’s room extension (the room number). To reach ICU/CCU patients at YRMC West or MCU patients are YRMC East, please call the nursing station and ask to speak to the patient.


    Because we want to provide the best service possible for our patients and families, Yavapai Regional Medical Center is pleased to provide free wireless Internet access. This service is available throughout YRMC West and YRMC East, including patient rooms, the main lobby and in the cafeteria.

    YRMC cannot provide or loan laptops or computers to visitors or patients, and our Information Systems Department cannot provide technical support for non-YRMC laptops and computers.


    Assistance dogs are allowed in patient rooms and can accompany a patient to non-restricted areas.


    To encourage good health for our patients, visitors, medical staff, volunteers, and employees, all YRMC campuses are tobacco and smoke-free. This includes the use of electronic cigarettes. Tobacco use and smoking are not allowed on any YRMC property, including the parking lot and private streets within the campus boundaries. YRMC can provide smoking cessation kits, the Arizona Smokers Helpline and information regarding smoking cessation programs offered at YRMC and elsewhere in the community.


    Visitors are not permitted to possess or consume any alcoholic beverages while on hospital property. Intoxicated visitors will be asked to leave the property.


    Visitors who interfere with patient care or the safety of our environment or who are disruptive may be asked to leave the hospital and its campus.