Share the Care

    Through the support of generous donors in our community, Share the Care was created by western Yavapai County caregivers for people who live in western Yavapai County. This home-grown program:
    • Promotes the importance of annual screening mammography.
    • Provides no-cost screening mammography and other individualized services through the Community
    • BreastCare Fund for members of our community who lack adequate health coverage.
    • Offers a free Breast Cancer risk assessment from a YRMC Breast Care Center clinical navigator  – all of whom are experienced registered nurses – to help women and men understand their risk for breast cancer.
    • Partners with like-minded community organizations and businesses interested in getting involved in efforts to promote breast health, reduce the incidence of breast cancer in our communities, and assist people who need breast screening and other services.


    Thanks to the generous support from donors in our community, the Community BreastCare Fund is available to women and men of western Yavapai County. Managed by YRMC, the Community BreastCare Fund provides mammography screening and a host of other individualized services. If you lack adequate health insurance or your insurance coverage has high co-pays or deductibles, turn to the Community BreastCare Fund for support.

    Share the Care is designed to remove barriers to advanced breast care services for people who need them. To find out if you’re eligible, YRMC encourages you to call so we can work with you individually you get the screening, services and care you need. Call (928) 442-8900 or 1-877-436- 5290. In the meantime, the Community BreastCare Fund serves people of our community who typically:
    • Are between the ages of 40 and 64
    • Lack adequate health insurance or have a high co-pay or deductible
    • Do not qualify for AHCCCS (Arizona’s Medicaid)
    • Do not qualify for Arizona’s Well Woman HealthCheck Program
    • Can’t afford the cost of digital mammography screening


    A free breast cancer risk assessment is another way the Breast Care Center clinical team helps Share the Care. One of our experienced and compassionate clinical navigators assesses if you are at low, average or high risk for breast cancer and also estimates how much of this risk could be attributed to inherited mutations in the BRCA 1 or 2 genes. This assessment includes:
    • Personal and family history of breast cancer and ovarian cancer.
    • Hormone exposure and supplementation.
    • Lifestyle factors (exercise, weight, diet, alcohol use).
    • Number of pregnancies.
    Following your assessment, you and your primary care physician receive a report summarizing your risk for breast cancer along with recommendations from the YRMC BreastCare Center team.


    A breast cancer risk assessment is available to all women and men in our community. It’s performed by one of our excellent clinical navigators at the Breast Care Center at YRMC located at:

    YRMC East
    7700 East Florentine Road
    Prescott Valley, Arizona 86314

    To schedule a free risk assessment, call the YRMC Breast Care Center at (928) 442-8900 or 1-877-436-5290.


    Share the Care involves hundreds of people doing what they love and giving because they care. In fact, many organizations have sponsored events to help combat breast cancer in our community. Check out local businesses and organizations that are supporters of Share the Care here.