Dignity Health Yavapai Regional Medical Center’s (YRMC’s) inpatient Pharmacy team includes pharmacists and pharmacy technicians dedicated to providing comprehensive, high-quality and cost-effective services. Our team is focused on providing safe and effective medications that complement YRMC’s Total Healing Environment. YRMC does not provide outpatient pharmacy services.

YRMC’s pharmacists are clinical pharmacists, meaning they work directly with physicians and other healthcare professionals advising them on medications that will contribute to the best health outcomes for patients. Clinical pharmacists are essential members of the YRMC healthcare team.

Here’s a look at how our pharmacists help patients throughout YRMC:

    YRMC’s Pharmacy is affiliated with The University of Arizona College of Pharmacy and Midwestern University’s College of Pharmacy in Glendale. These partnerships underscore our focus on continuing education and immerse our Pharmacy team in today’s rapidly changing world of healthcare.


    The best antibiotic for the best outcome with the least adverse effects, that’s the goal of a hospital-wide initiative focused on antibiotic therapies led by YRMC’s Pharmacy. As part of this effort, our pharmacists evaluate each patient’s vital functions to determine which antibiotic is best suited for that patient’s situation.


    Patients staying in the hospital who are taking anticoagulants – medicine that stops blood from clotting – are monitored by YRMC pharmacists to ensure the medicine is doing its job.


    Medication safety is a top priority at YRMC. Our pharmacists lead a hospital-wide, multi-disciplinary team dedicated to medication safety for patients in the hospital.


    YRMC pharmacists and dietitians work together on nutrition support consultations for patients in the hospital. Together, these medical professionals create customized formulas that address individual patient’s nutrition and healthcare needs.