Our team includes experienced clinical pharmacists and certified pharmacy technicians to take care of any pharmaceutical needs that may arise during your stay at YRMC.


    You may request a meeting with a pharmacist by asking your physician, nurse or other caregiver. Pharmacists will often initiate visits with patients as part of their daily activities.


    No, please leave your medication prescriptions and non-prescriptions (vitamins and herbals) at home. We recommend that you bring a complete list of medications or empty prescription bottles with you to the hospital. If your doctor wants you to continue a medication while in the hospital, our pharmacy will provide you the medication you need during your stay. Only under certain circumstances and with approval of your physician, may a home medication be administered in the hospital (e.g., specialty drug, non-formulary).


    Our clinical pharmacists have frequent and regular interactions with YRMC physicians and other members of the healthcare team. They work with these professionals and with patients to prevent, as well as identify and resolve, medication-related problems. At YRMC, we know this contributes to better coordination of care for all of our patients.