Family Resource Center

    The YRMC Family Resource Center was created in 1989 to help parents raise happy, healthy children and create strong family bonds. We promote healthy physical, mental and emotional child development and strengthen families through education and social support. We also connect families to community programs and healthcare providers. There’s no cost to participate in Family Resource Center programs.


    Parenting is a wonderful experience, but it also can be stressful and filled with questions. The Family Resource Center offers support and information to help you be the best parent that you can be to your children. Our experienced family support specialists answer questions, provide helpful resources and help parents build the confidence they need to raise happy, healthy children.


    Every mom who delivers at YRMC’s Family Birthing Center receives a visit from a First Steps representative. You’ll receive a gift bag with information and we’ll call you within three months to answer any questions you may have.


    This begins with a home visit from a Family Resource Center representative. Eligible families can join Healthy Families during pregnancy, but must begin while the baby is three months of age or younger. After an initial screening, eligible families may participate in the program for up to five years.