Physical Rehabilitation Services

Choosing a rehabilitation center is an important healthcare decision. You need a skilled team of therapists as well as a state-of-the-art facility. Look no further than Dignity Health Yavapai Regional Medical Center’s (YRMC’s) Physical Rehabilitation Services for:

  • An outstanding team of licensed physical, occupational, speech and massage therapists
  • Personalized rehabilitation plans with measurable goals
  • Full 45-minute, one-to-one therapy sessions with trained and licensed therapists (not technicians or aides)
  • Two conveniently located, freestanding centers with plenty of parking
  • Advanced therapies and the latest healing technologies
  • Prompt service with your first appointment occurring within 72 hours of contacting us and sooner, if needed
  • A self-care program that helps you find relief from chronic pain

Bradley Benson, DO—a physician who specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation—leads YRMC’s therapists who provide:

    YRMC’s Physical Rehabilitation Services team includes occupational therapists dedicated to helping patients return to their activities of daily living following an injury or illness. Using technology, adaptive equipment and physical rehabilitation our occupational therapists work with you to help you reach your top level of function and independence. Your individually crafted plan may include:
    • Exercises to increase motion, strength and coordination
    • Re-training people in the activities of daily living (dressing, bathing, grooming)
    • Adaptive equipment to help with reaching and moving
    • Fabricating splints to prevent injuries


    Our exceptional physical therapists help enhance healing for people of all ages with therapies to increase mobility and decrease pain. Using the latest rehabilitative and therapeutic exercise techniques, our physical therapists create and implement individualized plans for:
    • Balance and dizziness
    • Joint replacement and other surgeries
    • Pain management
    • Parkinson’s disease
    • Pregnancy health and post-partum recovery
    • Spine, foot and ankle issues
    • Sports and injury rehabilitation
    • Work-related injury rehabilitation


    Adults and children with complex speech challenges receive help from our speech therapists. Our skilled and experienced speech therapists diagnose and treat people with a wide variety of communication challenges related to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), autism, head injury, hearing loss, laryngectomy, learning disabilities, multiple sclerosis, post concussive disorder, premature birth, seizures or stroke. Therapies address:
    • Aphasia (language impairment)
    • Children’s speech difficulties and language delays
    • Dysarthria (slurred or slow speech)
    • Speech/voice or swallowing issues


YRMC’s Physical Rehabilitation Services is the only provider in the area that offers a comprehensive menu of services under one roof including:

    We offer advanced orthopedic rehabilitation services and therapies not available at other centers. Our menu of services includes:
    • Spinal health services
    • Total joint pre-and-post surgical rehabilitation
    • Hand therapy with customized splinting
    • Sports and injury rehabilitation, including western Yavapai County’s only AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill. Based on NASA technology, the AlterG Treadmill decreases the pull of gravity on the body, lessening the impact, tension and stress on the joints. By reducing stress, the AlterG Treadmill promotes healing after sports injuries as well as joint replacement and back surgery. It also helps people with balance and movement problems due to stroke, Parkinson’s disease or other neurologic disorders.


    Our Physical Rehabilitation Services team brings together therapists—occupational, physical and speech—to provide focused care for people with complex neurological conditions. Our dynamic menu of individualized services includes:
    • Parkinson’s disease clinics and group exercise classes
    • Stroke and traumatic brain injury rehabilitation services
    • Swallow and voice therapy
    • Daily living and self-care skills


    Chronic Pain Self-Care Program Chronic pain doesn’t have to define you. This innovative program offered by YRMC’s Physical Rehabilitation Services shows you how to work in concert with your body to understand and ease chronic pain. This program is highly individualized, meaning we help you find ways of treating pain that work best for you. It explores the neurological side of pain, as well as holistic ways to:
    • Reduce stress
    • Use food as medicine
    • Face fear of movement
    • Mitigate suffering
    • Cope with uncertainty
    • Befriend the body
    • Pace physical activity
    • Develop self-compassion


    All businesses want a healthy workforce. YRMC’s Physical Rehabilitation Services offers pre-employment screenings and functional capacity evaluations for your employees. Our rehabilitation specialists also visit job sites to evaluate why employees are experiencing back pain. We offer solutions that allow businesses to improve employee health and increase productivity.


    Women’s health needs are a unique focus of YRMC’s Physical Rehabilitation Services. Our rehabilitation experts—occupational, physical and speech therapists—pool their knowledge to address a variety of significant women’s health issues. Our team includes western Yavapai County’s only lymphedema therapist certified by the Lymphology Association of North America (LANA). Our lymphedema therapist helps women who suffer from this painful swelling of the extremities, which can be a side effect of cancer treatment. Our exceptional array of Physical Rehabilitation Women’s Services also features:
    • Pregnancy and Post-Partum Rehabilitation
    • Women’s Continence Program
    • Mommy and Me Fitness Classes
    • Lymphedema and Edema Management Program
    • Breast Surgery Recovery Program