Lung Cancer Screening and Care

Both current smokers and people who quit smoking years ago worry about their risk for lung cancer. That's why Dignity Health Yavapai Regional Medical Center (DH-YRMC) offers lung cancer screening through its Lung Cancer Screening and Care Program.

Using low-dose computed tomography (LDCT), our Imaging Services team produces detailed images of the lungs. These images can detect extremely small nodules, which may indicate lung cancer in its early stages—before symptoms and while it’s most curable.

Who is considered high risk for lung cancer? YRMC recommends you speak to your healthcare provider about LDCT if you are:

  • 50 to 80 years old
  • A current smoker
  • A former smoker who quit in the last 15 years
  • Someone who has a smoking history of at least 20 "pack years"—one pack a day for 20 years, or two packs a day for 20 years

To prepare you for a conversation with your physician, YRMC is providing information about LDCT. We'll also introduce you to our comprehensive Lung Cancer Screening and Care Program, which includes:

  • LDCT Screening
  • Diagnostic Services – Radiologists
  • Treatment Experts – Pulmonologists, Procedural Pulmonologists and a Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Questions? Call us at (928) 771-5454.

Lung Cancer Pack History Calculator
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