Laboratory Services

    First, you’ll need a physician’s written order for your specific test(s). If you’re being tested for glucose or lipids, you will need to fast for 10 to 14 hours before the test. This means drinking only water as well as avoiding juices, caffeinated drinks, nicotine and even chewing gum. Other tests may also require fasting. If you’re uncertain if you should fast before your test, contact your physician or the YRMC Laboratory you’re planning to visit.


    No appointment is necessary. Patients are accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis at each of our Laboratories. Please check our hours of operation before your visit.


    Your test results will be sent to your physician who will discuss them with you along with any recommendations for treatment.


    Call the YRMC Laboratory you’re planning to visit:
    • YRMC East, Prescott Valley:  (928) 442-8770
    • YRMC West, Prescott:  (928) 771-5770
    • Outpatient Draw Center, Prescott Valley:  (928) 759-5800
    • Outpatient Draw Center, Prescott: (928) 708-4591


    Reference laboratories are usually private, commercial facilities that perform high volume routine and specialty testing. Most of the tests performed are ordered from physician practices, hospitals and other healthcare facilities like nursing homes. While hospitals like YRMC perform as many tests as possible in-house, reference laboratories are used for specialized tests that are ordered only occasionally or that require specialized equipment. YRMC utilizes Mayo Medical Laboratories as its primary reference laboratory.


    Esoteric testing allows the analysis of rare substances or molecules that are not performed in a routine clinical laboratory. Hospitals like YRMC often utilize reference laboratories for esoteric testing. These tests are ordered less frequently than routine tests and are generally outsourced to specialized clinical reference laboratories because it is not cost-effective for hospitals and physician office laboratories to perform the tests in-house.


    Contact YRMC’s Health Information Management Department to get copies of your medical records.


    YRMC’s Patient Financial Services can help you with questions regarding your bill.