Imaging Services

Our Imaging Services team is proud to be accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR). ACR accreditation requires peer review by board-certified radiologists and medical physicists who are experts in this area. This knowledgeable team evaluates our:

  • Practice standards
  • Image and procedure quality
  • Personnel qualifications
  • Facility equipment
  • Quality assurance programs

In addition to ACR accreditation we demonstrate our commitment to excellence by participating in the Image Gently® and Image Wisely® radiation safety initiatives.

YRMC Imaging Services serves both inpatients (people who are in the hospital) and outpatients (people who come to the hospital for a specific service, but are not hospital patients). Our outpatients – like our hospitalized patients – have nursing and other medical professionals available to them should they need it during their Imaging Services exam.