Monday through Friday, 5:15 am to 4:30 pm, go to the Admitting Office located behind the hospital's main entrance hospitality desk at YRMC West, or located on the right side of the lobby in the hospital's main entrance at YRMC East. During off hours or the weekend, please go to the Admitting office in the Emergency Department.

    Bring a list of current medications, your medical history, insurance cards, phone numbers to next of kin, as well as, Advance Directives, Living Wills, or Power of Attorney.

    You are welcome to bring your own pajamas or nightgown, robe, slippers, toiletries, books and magazines. You may bring items such as hair dryers or electric shavers, but these items must first be checked by our Engineering Department for safety purposes. Please ask your caregiver to contact the Engineering Department for you.

    We ask that you do not bring valuable items (jewelry, watches, etc.) to the hospital. The hospital, like many public places, cannot be responsible for the safety of your personal items.

    We encourage you to please leave valuable items (jewelry, watches, etc.) at home. The hospital does have a safe however for small valuables. All other items are the responsibility of the patient.

    Yes! We can also provide a VCR and movies for the child's enjoyment during the stay.

    Yes. However, if the child is to have an IV inserted, hospital pajamas are preferred.

    One (1) parent or caregiver of a sick child may stay with the child overnight. A reclining chair or cot may be provided for the parent’s comfort. No other visitors may stay in a patient’s room overnight unless necessitated by the patient’s condition or needs and approved by the Unit Nursing Director or designee.

    Please refrain from bringing food or treats to a patient as they may be on a special diet. As a patient, please check with your nurse before accepting any food brought in by family or friends. Please check with the Nursing Director for exceptions.

    All patient rooms at the hospital have telephones. Your friends and family may phone you directly by calling the seven-digit number on your phone, or they may call the hospital switchboard at (928) 445-2700 and ask for your extension (your room number). If you are an ICU, CCU or MCU patient, your friends and family may call the nursing station and ask to speak to you.