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YRMC Launches Clinical Research Program

by Community Outreach and Philanthropy, (928) 771-5686 | Feb 26, 2020

In our connected world, the latest information about your recent medical diagnosis is as close as a Google search. Sprinkled throughout those search results you’ll typically find information about research studies involving leading-edge treatments, new medical devices and groundbreaking therapies.

“Research studies are the foundation of medicine,” said Lynn Bessette, Clinical Research Consultant, Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC). “Any advancements we’ve made in medicine are due to research.”

This is one reason YRMC has joined other hospitals and providers nationwide as a research study site. In fact, YRMC is the first hospital in northern Arizona to take this important step.

Because the medical research world is unfamiliar to most people, below are answers to some of the questions you may have about YRMC’s current research studies and more.

How will YRMC’s involvement in research studies benefit our community?
In addition to contributing to the overall advancement of medical science, YRMC had an even more important reason to get involved in research.

“The decision was inspired by the people of our community,” Bessette said. “YRMC physicians and medical staff are dedicated to providing the best care available to our patients. By engaging in research studies, we are inviting the newest technology to our community so that our patients can receive leading-edge therapies while they remain within the comfort and care of their families.”

What kinds of research studies will be available through YRMC?
YRMC will participate in research studies across all therapeutic areas, starting out with several interventional cardiology studies related to new heart therapies.

Before they become widely available, new medical devices, therapies and medications – as well as new ways of using existing treatments – are the focus of extensive clinical research studies. These research studies include hospitals, providers and patient volunteers from throughout the country.

“Clinical research studies compare the current standard of care with the newly developed therapy,” said Bessette. “They also answer specific questions about the new approach, such as the optimal dosage for a new medication.”

How are the research studies monitored?
YRMC has formed a multidisciplinary Research Committee to oversee all research activity. The committee meets monthly to review the feasibility and appropriateness of each study, as proposed by individual physicians. This ensures the studies meet the needs of our patients in every way.

What specific research studies are available through YRMC?
Currently, YRMC is participating in two important studies under the direction of Interventional Cardiologists Mansour Assar, MD, FACC and Robert Candipan, PhD, MD, both of the James Family Heart Center.

Here’s a summary of the research studies, both of which are now enrolling volunteers:

  • A device study that involves a carotid artery stent – a small mesh tube – that’s designed to treat cerebrovascular disease by restoring blood flow to the head and neck. Cerebrovascular disease affects the blood vessels and arteries that supply the brain.
  • Evaluation of Treatment Strategies for Severe Calcific Coronary Arteries: Orbital Atherectomy vs. Conventional Angioplasty Technique Prior to Implantation of Drug-Eluting Stents.

What kinds of volunteers are needed for these two research studies?
The studies are enrolling volunteers who meet specific age, health and other requirements. Whether referred by a cardiologist, or a current YRMC PhysicianCare Cardiology patient, all potential study volunteers are clinically evaluated to ensure they meet the study criteria before joining. Research participation is always voluntary.

If you, or a family member, are interested in either of these research studies, the best place to start is with your primary care physician or cardiologist. Information about the studies is also available by contacting:

Lynn Bessette
YRMC Clinical Research Consultant
[email protected]

Bessette, who has been part of the medical research world for nearly 20 years, is looking forward to seeing the difference these and other research studies will make in the lives of people throughout our community.

“Being involved in these amazing research studies gives us a look today at what is going to make tomorrow better for everyone,” she said.