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Share Your Story on YRMC’s Memory Catcher Project

by Community Outreach and Philanthropy, (928) 771-5686 | Jan 11, 2018
Do you have a memory or experience that in some way involves Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC)? The recent birth of a child … a caring nurse or other healthcare provider you remember from YRMC … an experience that included YRMC that was meaningful to you? YRMC is collecting these memories for its 75th anniversary celebration through the recently launched Memory Catcher Project at YRMC HealthConnect (yrmchealthconnect.org/memory-catcher).

“I can’t think of a better way for a community-based healthcare provider to celebrate a 75th anniversary,” said John Amos, YRMC’s President and CEO. “YRMC was established by people who wanted local healthcare. YRMC’s Memory Catcher Project celebrates the unique relationship between YRMC and the community.”

YRMC’s Memory Catcher Project connects people from throughout our community to share memories that involve YRMC and western Yavapai County.

Here’s how YRMC’s Memory Catcher Project works:

  • Visit YRMC’s Memory Catcher Project (yrmchealthconnect.org/memory-catcher).
  • Complete the fields – name, email and phone number – so a member of YRMC’s Community Outreach team can contact you after you’ve submitted a memory.
  • Provide the highlights of your memory in 200 words or less in the field marked “Share Your Memory.” (Perfect writing isn’t required.)
  • Add any photos you would like to submit with your memory.
  • Click “Submit Memory” when all of the fields are complete.
  • Look for an autoreply in your email box that confirms YRMC received your memory.

If your memory is selected from the up to 75 being gathering for 2018, a member of YRMC’s Community Outreach team will contact you to learn more and to create a Memory Catcher story for YRMC HealthConnect. You’ll have the opportunity to provide photos that will be scanned and returned to you. And, if you’re interested, YRMC may even schedule a short video to record your memory for YRMC HealthConnect.

Want to read a Memory Catcher story? Visit yrmchealthconnect.org/memory-catcher to read about:

  • A Prescott writer born in 1943 at YRMC – then called Prescott Community Hospital – who discovered the receipt from his delivery at the hospital in the attic of his mother’s home.
  • How a hospitalization in 1974 triggered a childhood memory of growing up during the era of polio for a Prescott resident.

“We hope lots of people will share their stories and help celebrate the 75th anniversary of their community’s healthcare provider,” said Amos.