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by Community Outreach and Philanthropy, (928) 771-5686 | May 02, 2016

YRMC’s Celebrate Life Health Expo ’16 Features Health-Focused Communities

What’s more inviting than a friendly neighborhood? For Celebrate Life Health Expo ‘16 participants, the answer is six welcoming, activity-filled neighborhoods.

“This year’s Expo features ‘neighborhoods’ for people of all ages as well as health, wellness and career interests,” said Robbie Nicol, Executive Director, Community Outreach and Philanthropy, Yavapai Regional Medical Center. “We’ll have health screenings, activities, career advisors and even opportunities to meet one-on-one with YRMC physician specialists.”

The Expo – sponsored by YRMC – takes place:

Saturday, May 21, 2016
8:30 am
Health Expo Mall Walk
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Celebrate Life Health Expo
Prescott Gateway Mall – 3250 Gateway Blvd., Prescott, AZ 86303

  • Get a jump on the day by joining the mile-long Health Expo Mall Walk around Gateway Mall. Join the warm-up for walkers, which will be led by Sgt. Steve Rosen of Kickstart Boot Camp for Women in Prescott. Those who complete the walk will receive a free fanny pack and a pedometer.

Here’s a glimpse of some activities you’ll find in our Expo neighborhoods:

Kids’ Neighborhood

  • Sign up for Computerized Cognitive Assessments for student athletes at-risk for concussion ($20 for a baseline screening). Sponsored by the YRMC Spine Center and Mountain Valley Regional Rehabilitation Hospital.
  • Meet with a pediatrician from Ponderosa Pediatrics.
  • Tour YRMC’s Partners for Healthy Students Mobile Health Clinic.
  • Experience the spot … A Child’s Museum.
  • Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office – Child safety demonstrations.
  • Meet other medical professionals, such as family chiropractors and Kids dentists.
  • GoNoodle – A demonstration of desk-side fitness activities sponsored by YRMC.

Heart Health Neighborhood

  • Meet one-on-one with a YRMC cardiologist, interventional radiologist and other specialists.
  • Lifeline Screening – Affordable, high-quality heart and other screenings. Pre-registration is required. Visit www.lifelinescreening.com, insert the Gateway Mall zip code (86303), complete the screening questions and follow the instructions on how to make an appointment for May 21.

Spine Health Neighborhood

  • Meet with a YRMC physiatrist that specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation.
  • See what radiologists from Prescott Medical Imaging and Prescott Valley Medical Imaging learn from interventional x-rays.
  • Get a back massage from a professional therapist.

Health & Wellness Neighborhood

  • Get healthy cooking tips and recipes from the host of YRMC’s online cooking show, Your Healthy Kitchen.
  • Learn how to select produce and prepare meals on a budget from Prescott Farmers’ Market.
  • Easy breathing demonstrations from YRMC’s Respiratory Therapy services.
  • Gather information on affordable health coverage.

Careers & Jobs Neighborhood

  • Talk to human resource experts from a variety of fields.
  • Learn how you can re-career at any age.
  • Check out educational opportunities for a variety of career paths and occupations.

Volunteers’ Neighborhood

  • Learn about volunteer opportunities at YRMC and organizations throughout our communities.
  • Meet pet therapy dogs from YRMC’s PAWS program.
  • See chic, fun and unique merchandise available at YRMC’s Gift Shops. All purchases are tax-free!

“The mall stores and vendors are all in with YRMC’s Celebrate Life Health Expo,” said Nicol. “This will definitely be a full day of fun for families.”

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