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Yavapai Regional Medical Center Announces New Patient Financial Assistance Policy

by Community Outreach and Philanthropy, (928) 771-5686 | Sep 08, 2015
Consistent with Yavapai Regional Medical Center’s (YRMC) not-for-profit Mission, YRMC has announced a new Patient Financial Assistance Policy to assist patients who are underinsured, uninsured or unable to pay for medical care received at YRMC hospitals or through YRMC’s employed physician network, YRMC PhysicianCare.  

“We believe that healthcare is a basic pillar for human dignity and we are committed to providing advanced healthcare services that meet our patients needs regardless of their ability to pay,” states John Amos, YRMC President and Chief Executive Officer. “YRMC’s new Patient Financial Assistance Policy sets clear guidelines that allow us to work closely with our patients to identify responsible financial solutions that meet their individual circumstances.”

YRMC patients are encouraged to communicate with their YRMC financial counselor if they anticipate difficulty paying their portion of their hospital bill. YRMC counselors make every effort to help patients who face financial challenges that may prevent them from paying for their healthcare services. Counselors may assist patients in applying for appropriate insurance coverage, setting up an extended payment plan, or applying for YRMC charity care.

Patients who wish to apply for financial assistance must complete a Patient Financial Assistance Application within 30 days of discharge. A copy of the complete Patient Financial Assistance Policy and the application can be obtained from YRMC’s website at www.yrmc.org/patient-financial-services/financial-assistance or by contacting the YRMC Business Office anytime at (928) 771-5151.