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Ready, Set, Grow! YRMC East Emergency Department Expansion Project

by Community Outreach and Philanthropy, (928) 771-5686, released January 24, 2013 | Dec 27, 2013

A recent expansion of the Emergency Department (ED) at YRMC East in Prescott Valley increases space, enhances efficiency and improves privacy.

“These are excellent improvements,” said Irene Connor, RN, Director, Emergency Department at YRMC East. “They’re good for our patients and their families.”

When it’s completed, the expansion project—launched in early 2012—will increase the ED from 17 to a total of 24 beds and will feature:

  • six fully equipped fast-track rooms for patients with less serious illnesses and injuries (e.g., sore throats, ankle sprains and eye infections);
  • five critical care rooms, one of which functions as a trauma room and may be used for emergency procedures and surgeries;
  • an X-ray viewing station in the trauma room that allows the physician to view images without leaving the trauma room;
  • beds that help prevent pressure sores as well as allow patients to be weighed in bed rather than moving to a scale;
  • a second triage area that will decrease waits during busy ED times; and a new point-of-care testing area for rapid exam results, such as throat swabs, that are ready when the patient is examined.

Other changes to the ED focus on patient convenience and comfort. A new entrance will allow visitors to access the ED from inside the hospital. A garden area near the current ED main entrance will give visitors a pleasant retreat. Additionally, a children’s waiting area is planned for families with youngsters.

“We know that the surrounding environment is very important to helping relax patients,” said Connor.

The expanded YRMC East ED will feature warm Arizona colors and soothing music to create a calm, comfortable environment for patients and other visitors.