Dignity Health YRMC Launches Next Generation Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

by Carmelle Malkovich, Director of External Communications, Dignity Health in Arizona, 602.406.3319 | May 04, 2023
(PRESCOTT, Ariz. – May 4, 2023) – Dignity Health Yavapai Regional Medical Center
(YRMC) is the first hospital in Arizona to provide a robotic-assisted total knee replacement
surgery using an innovative technology that uses intraoperative data that is unique to each


“Every knee is different and every person who requires knee replacement surgery is different,” says Anthony V. Torres, MD, FACP, president and CEO, Dignity Health YRMC. “This new robotic platform recognizes those differences and allows orthopedic surgeons to tailor the surgery with more precision. It is a tremendous step forward in total knee replacement with advanced technology.”

The VELYS TM Robotic-Assisted Solution technology is designed with an infrared camera and optical trackers to gather data about the patient’s knee. The surgeon utilizes real-time data input and controls the robotic device to remove damaged bone. The implant placement and fit is personalized to the patient’s specific anatomy.

Robotic-assisted knee replacements may offer patients less pain, improved range of motion, and a faster recovery—which typically means a quicker return to daily activities that were hampered by chronic joint issues.

“This level of surgical innovation changes lives,” says Dr. Torres. “It will offer numerous opportunities for people who have endured knee pain, some for a long time. Our team is delighted to make this procedure available in our communities and throughout Arizona.”

Launched at YRMC in December, the surgeries using this technology were performed at YRMC East in Prescott Valley.

For more information about YRMC’s orthopedic surgical services, visit http://www.yrmc.org/orthopedic.