GoNoodle is a web-based suite of hundreds of movement games and videos that get kids dancing, running, jumping, stretching, deep breathing, and more. They are designed to boost energy, improve concentration and enhance on-task behavior throughout the day. GoNoodle is provided to area educators and parents free-of-charge, thanks to a generous sponsorship by Dignity Health Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC).

As budget cuts reduce the time children spend in Physical Education, GoNoodle helps to bridge the gap. It gets kids out of their desks and moving, right there in the classroom. Studies show that children perform better academically when regular physical activity breaks are offered throughout the day. Teachers can choose how much or how little time to spend on these all-important “brain breaks.” In addition, many of the games can be customized. Teachers can input their own specific curriculum content as often as they’d like, making the games relevant to what the students are learning at any given time.

More than 450,000 teachers are using GoNoodle across the United States. The exciting news locally is that more and more teachers in western Yavapai County are seeing the benefits of using GoNoodle in their classrooms. Parents are even sharing these resources with their children at home.

As the region’s leading not-for-profit healthcare provider, YRMC is committed to creating a healthier home for everyone in our community, young and old. Our GoNoodle sponsorship is one of the many ways YRMC enhances the health of our friends and neighbors. It provides educators, children and their families top quality tools to keep active and healthy.