Preventive Medicine and Wellness
at the Pendleton Centers

    Absolutely! Our exercise physiologists, fitness coordinators and exercise techs are ready to help you create a program that works for you or to advise you on classes that meet your goals. We offer both personal training and group exercise. All YRMC Preventive Medicine and Wellness Center members are welcome to join any of our group exercise classes.


    It’s always a good idea to keep your physician apprised of fitness or wellness programs you’re pursuing, but we require a physician’s order for:
    • Cardiac Rehabilitation
    • Diabetes Education (The Living Well with Diabetes Support Group does not require a physician’s order.)
    • Medical Nutrition Therapy


    Visit us at either location for a tour and to discuss your fitness goals. If you would like a fitness assessment at the same time, please call us so we can schedule an appointment.


    Our programs provide tremendous value by combining experienced professionals, exceptional services and affordable packages. Additionally, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Diabetes Education and some of our fitness programs may be covered by health insurance or Medicare. We can help you find out if your coverage applies. Contact us for an evaluation and pricing information.


    Payment is due the first week of each month for all Preventive Medicine and Wellness programs. We do not mail invoices. You may deposit your check in the payment/suggestion box located at the Center at which you attend. If you need a receipt, please contact the office. Payment is considered late after the first week of each month.


    We’re unable to adjust or refund payments. However, if you’re going to miss substantial time during a particular month, we offer:
    • Single Visit Charges
    • Half-Month Rates for Comprehensive Membership (If you’re going to be absent for two consecutive weeks during a calendar month.)
    Please notify the office staff of your expected absence before the first of the month. If you’re out with a serious ailment, please provide a written clearance from your physician before returning to exercise.


    Our fitness and exercise team recommends that you:
    • Drink lots of water before, during and after exercise
    • Avoid tobacco and alcohol at least four hours before your exercise session (We can offer tips to people who wish to quit using tobacco.)
    • Stretch as recommended by our fitness team members


    Alert the fitness and exercise instructor immediately if you develop symptoms, don’t feel well or sustain an injury while at the Center.


    Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move when exercising. It’s best to avoid shirts, pants or shorts with pockets or loops as they may catch on the machines, potentially causing a fall. Depending on the time of year, it may be a good idea to layer your clothing so that you can adjust to your comfort level. We try to maintain a temperature of 70-72° as you exercise.


    Whether your workout involves a fitness class or gym equipment, appropriate sport shoes and comfortable socks are a must. Investing in an appropriate shoe can help you prevent foot and ankle injuries as well as improve your workout experience. Our fitness team requires closed-toe soft, flat-soled shoes with adequate tread. For safety reasons, we cannot permit people wearing hard-soled shoes/boots or shoes without backs on the treadmill. And don’t forget about your socks. If they’re too thick or thin you could get blisters


    Yes. This is important information for our team to know. We’ll note any medication changes on your exercise sheet and your emergency medical form.


    If you’re undergoing a stress test as well as other exams or lab work, please share this with a member of our Preventive Medicine and Wellness team. We’ll make a note in your record. On the day of the test, if you feel weak or ill, please do not exercise.


    We’re at two convenient locations:
    • Pendleton Center East (YRMC Del E. Webb Outpatient Center)
    • Pendleton Center West (YRMC Wellness Center)
    Visit the Contact Us page if you need directions to one of our centers.