Dementia Screening Clinic

Our three-hour Dementia Screening Clinic (DSC) evaluations involve both the individual undergoing the assessment and their care partner. They meet with DSC team members for a comprehensive evaluation of the patient's physical health, cognitive status, personal safety and emotional well-being.  The assessment includes:

      Assesses important aspects of brain function including attention, memory, language, reaction time and perception.


      Focuses on identifying potential causes for memory issues that are unrelated to dementia and overall health.


      Involves a review of the patient’s medications – prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, herbals and supplements – for their risks, benefits, side effects and interactions.


      Includes a discussion of the patient’s living environment, financial situation, caregiver concerns, advanced directives and more.


      Screens for balance, mobility and safety.


      Includes vision, hearing and olfactory (sense of smell) screenings.


The Dementia Screening Clinic Report

Our expert team develops a complete report based on information gathered from the assessments. The report includes follow-up recommendations, specific suggestions and an assessment of the patient's cognitive health. The report is shared with other healthcare providers designated by the patient.