GoNoodle and the premium version, GoNoodle Plus, are provided to area educators and parents free-of-charge, thanks to a generous sponsorship by Yavapai Regional Medical Center.


    Classroom teachers, school nurses and Physical Education teachers as well as homeschool parents and childcare providers are enjoying the benefits of incorporating GoNoodle into their daily schedules. In addition, parents use GoNoodle at home to replace the more sedentary and less educational video games their children traditionally play.


    Educators and parents from anywhere in western Yavapai County can use GoNoodle and GoNoodle Plus free-of-charge. The area includes Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey, Humboldt, Mayer, Paulden, Bagdad, Yarnell, Kirkland, Skull Valley, and Crown King.


    Mega Math Marathon, Word Jam, Bodyspell, Run with Us, Indoor Recess, Go with the Flow, Brainercise, KidzBop and Zumba Kids are just a few of the many titles. They range from core subject games to exercise and yoga videos to stretching, relaxation and deep breathing activities.


    Teachers can decide which games or videos to use as well as how much or how little time to spend on their “brain breaks.” The class creates an avatar that ‘levels-up’ when certain milestones are reached. In many of the games, teachers can input their own curriculum content in true/false, sight word or fill-in-the-blank format, as well as spelling or vocabulary words or math problems. This feature makes the games relevant to what the students are learning at any given time.


    A team of core subject experts is on board creating highly re-playable movement activities that develop memory and fluency in math, spelling, vocabulary and more.


    You can learn more, explore the games and videos and create your own account at https://www.gonoodle.com