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YRMC Family Resource Center Presents a Free Car Seat Distribution Program

by Community Outreach and Philanthropy, (928) 771-5686. | Aug 21, 2015

The Family Resource Center at Yavapai Regional Medical Center has partnered with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety to offer a car seat distribution program to families in Yavapai County.

The Family Resource Center has provided services via the Healthy Families program for over 20 years, offering parents and children free home visits from highly trained support specialists. Information on healthy pregnancy and bonding with one’s baby, along with developmental screenings and connection to community resources are provided. Now, thanks to the Governor’s Office grant, the Family Resource Center team can offer free safety seats and supporting education to help keep children safe inside their family’s vehicles.

Recipients do not need to be YRMC patients or currently enrolled in Family Resource Center services.  Families need a vehicle with working seat belts and must attend a 30 minute child safety seat class. The classes are led by nationally certified Child Passenger Safety technicians, and are available in English and Spanish. The class includes how to install the car seat in the vehicle, as well as how to safely secure the child in the car seat.  Children often can be injured in automotive accidents by seemingly minor details such as straps not being the right tension or coats in the car seat impairing the seat’s ability to protect the child.  

Upon successful completion of the child safety seat class, families will receive at least one car seat or booster seat depending on their needs, including the number of children in the family needing seats and the age and weight of each child. Families are assisted with installation by the certified technician, who reviews the installation with them, assuring that the seat will be properly re-installed should it be moved from the vehicle or require re-installation. 

Keeping your child safe when riding in a vehicle is one of the most important jobs a parent has. YRMC’s Family Resource Center and the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety have just made it easier for many of our families in the Quad City area. For more information, please call Bryn Stotler at the Family Resource Center at (928) 771-5651.